LEED Projects in USGBC - Northern California Chapter

USGBC - Northern California Chapter is home to 5% of the world's LEED certified projects and 31% of California's total LEED certified projects.

USGBC-NCC LEED Project Breakdown By Rating System and Square Footage

As of January 2011. Please note that this only includes projects within USGBC-NCC's boundaries.

LEED Rating System Number of Projects Gross Square Footage Percentage of
Total Square Footage
LEED for Existing Buildings 103 41,443,396 61.16%
LEED for New Construction 133 16,792,437 24.78%
LEED for Commercial Interiors 105 3,404,339 5.02%
LEED Core & Shell 21 3,164,336 4.67%
LEED ND 1.0 Pilots Only 6 2,697,189 3.98%
LEED-CI v2009 11 139,232 0.21%
LEED for Schools 2.0 3 85,000 0.13%
LEED Retail (CI) 1.0 Pilots Only 1 27,120 0.04%
LEED Retail (NC) 1.0 Pilots Only 1 6,070 0.01%
Grand Total 384 67,759,119 100.00%

Case Studies

Project Title City System Level Project Type
East Palo Alto YMCA East Palo Alto LEED NC Gold Recreation
Nueva School Hillsborough LEED NC Gold Multi-Use
Emeryville Marketplace Emeryville LEED ND Platinum Multi-Use
Nueva School Hillsborough LEED NC Gold Multi-Use
Hewlett Foundation Headquarters Menlo Park LEED NC Gold Commercial Office
Joe Serna Jr. Cal/EPA Headquarters
Sacramento LEED EB Platinum Commercial Office
ClimateWorks Foundation San Francisco LEED CI Platinum Commercial Office
Natural Resources Defense Council
San Francisco LEED CI Gold Multi-Use
Orchard Garden Hotel San Francisco LEED NC Certified Multi-Use
Gish Apartments San Jose LEED NC Gold Multi-Use
Harker School Science & Technology
San Jose LEED NC Gold K-12 Education
Chartwell School Seaside LEED NC Platinum K-12 Education

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