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2011 Showcase Theme: Saving Water in Existing Buildings

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Water Conservation Showcase 2010About the Showcase:  Since 2004, the Water Conservation Showcase has brought together experts, innovative products and services, and the sustainable development community through our Showcase program and Expo.  The Program has featured local and national experts addressing water conservation topics including policies, rebates, business-case studies, treatment innovations, storm-water management, low impact development, water supply history and future, and water reuse solutions. Expo exhibitors have included local and federal agencies, landscapers, product manufacturers, green roofing experts, and gray water innovators.

“All the water that will ever be is right now”  – National Geographic Society

Event Mission:
To provide a forum that brings together the full spectrum of stake holders, decision makers, experts, and community members to explore and propel knowledge in water conservation. This exchange happens through expert presentations, an exhibitor exposition, and stakeholder partnerships. Partners and attendees include representatives from municipal water districts, diverse development sectors, research institutions, product manufacturers, non-profit and government representatives, professional associations, consulting and investment firms, and more. The Showcase aims to:
  • Explore cutting edge water-conserving technologies and strategies through expert-led presentations and exhibits.
  • Learn about the financial incentives and rebates from regional water districts.
  • Engage in cross-industry dialogue with government agencies, private and public organizations, and community leaders.

Event History:
The Showcase was founded in 2004 as a small event focused on water conservation rebates available to the public. Held at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center, the event was first developed by Ryan Stroupe of the Pacific Energy Center, and Charles Bohlig at East Bay Municipal Utility District. As the event grew, its proceeds were donated to the USGBC-NCC.

Eventually, the Showcase required additional organizational and development support. USGBC-NCC introduced Ali Peman-Dupier as event manager, and allocated additional resources to assist in managing and growing the event. The Showcase continues to be an important event that supports our mission. Learn more about USGBC-NCC.

Why water conservation?  Increasing costs, quality concerns, aging infrastructure, supply shortages, and rights conflicts are just a few of the factors that drive us to explore this timely and important topic. Water is one of the many limited natural resources heavily impacted by the built environment.  By exploring, developing, and applying sustainable practices to our development and behavior, we lessen this impact in a way that speaks to the triple bottom line- people, profit, planet.

Past Showcases

Additional Resources
  • Water Cards (PDF, 145 KB)
    Fact-cards with interesting statistics, quotes and trivia about water.
  • "Where Your Water Comes From" Map (PDF, 4.4 MB)
    This map shows the service territory of most northern California water districts. It also indicates the location of the water source for each district.
  • Food Facts (PDF, 7 KB)
    We strive to provide food at the showcase that requires a minimum amount of water to grow and prepare. Statistics on the water required for certain foods is provided here.
  • Water Resources (PDF, 14 KB)
    This document includes a list of publications, DVDs, videos and online resources related to water conservation.
  • Wholly H2O 
    Water calculators, online resources, DVDs, videos and more.

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