California Best Buildings Challenge

This [Challange] is a huge deal. It's a lay down economically. It's a lay down in the fight against climate change. And in our fight to become both more energy efficient and energy independent.Former President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton partnered with the USGBC and the USGBC-Northern California Chapter to unveil the cutting-edge California Best Buildings Challenge. Just four months later, the Challenge doubled in participants.
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Watching the California Best Buildings Challenge gain momentum and grow has been exciting, and cements the idea that green building and efficient business practices go hand-in-hand. The Challenge participants are bona fide leaders in the sustainable business movement, and we hope California-based companies and beyond will follow suit.Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chair, USGBC

Inspired by the White House’s Better Buildings Challenge (BBC), the California Best Buildings Challenge sets more aggressive goals than the BBC in a landmark, short time-frame. While the President’s BBC seeks 20% energy reductions by 2020, the California Best Buildings Challenge calls for:
  • 20 % energy, water, and waste reductions in just 2 years
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Launch of the California Best Buildings Challenge with President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative America June 2012 Conference

Watch the launch with President Clinton & pre-launch announcement >>




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