Challenge Commitment
783,000 Square Feet

20% reduction in energy, water and waste in 2 years

Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Since its founding in 1976, Genentech has made its headquarters in South San Francisco, California. Starting with one rented building and two staff members, the company’s South San Francisco site has grown to a full campus with over 50 buildings on the shore of the San Francisco Bay.

Genentech has been tracking and reporting energy, water, and waste trends in their sustainability report since 2004. See .

As part of the Best Buildings Challenge, Genentech has identified five buildings where they will be implementing a variety of strategies for reducing energy, water, and waste. Some of the buildings are old and some are new. Some are office buildings and others are R&D buildings. Two of the buildings have cafeterias, which include special opportunities for energy, water, and waste. They plan to implement some new smart lighting controls in two of the buildings, which incorporate both ambient light and occupancy sensing. Three of the buildings will benefit from new high-efficiency solar window film to reduce HVAC load. HVAC is the biggest opportunity for energy savings on the campus, and Genentech plans to pilot and compare two different smart HVAC control systems during the Challenge.Some of the energy reductions directly lead to water savings through cooling tower optimization, and additional water saving strategies are under development. The path to achieving the waste reductions is clear, based on a recent waste assessment that showed the opportunities for expanding compostable collection in buildings. 

"As the founder of the biotechnology industry, Genentech is excited to be part of the California Best Buildings Challenge and we look forward to sharing best practices with other leading California companies. As we continually strive to create and deliver innovative medicines for patients, we also seek to employ new, more sustainable technologies and processes in order to minimize our impact on the environment," said Carla Boragno, Vice President of Site Services, Genentech.



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