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The National Electrical Contractors Associate (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) have partnered together to sponsor the USGBC - Northern California Chapter.

NECA has provided over a century of service to the $130 billion electrical construction industry that brings power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities across the United States. NECA’s national and 119 local chapters advance the industry through advocacy, education, research, and standards development.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents approximately 725,000 members who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads, government, and energy efficiency. The IBEW is committed to training it's members to stay on the cutting edge of all green electrical advancements, today and in the future. The IBEW symbol is a reassurance you are getting the best trained electrical workforce in the Industry.


HDR is a global employee-owned firm providing architecture, engineering, consulting, construction and related services through our various operating companies. Our professionals are committed to helping clients manage complex projects and make sound decisions.

Our visionary thinking is clearly illustrated in our early adoption of sustainability principles. More than two decades ago, we formally established a Sustainable Solutions Program tasked with integrating sustainability into all of our business practices. We employ sustainability specialists in most areas impacting the built and natural environments. These experts are leaders in areas  such as climatology, natural resources, renewable energy, LEED, commissioning, measurement and verification and community planning. Providing clients with high-performance solutions that are good for their businesses, good for their communities and good for the planet are always top priorities. It's how we design for the future.


Genentech uses human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. Today, they are among the world's leading biotech companies, with multiple products on the market and a promising development pipeline.

Rudolph & Sletten
With over five decades of building experience, Rudolph and Sletten has built a reputation for honest dealing, fair pricing, and a commitment to quality. R&S has more than 130 LEED APs and a broad resume of LEED-registered projects at all levels. Their expertise and focus on sustainability in preconstruction and construction services enables them to offer valuable input regarding budget, building material and equipment, energy performance, and reducing the impact of commercial construction on the environment.

Prudential Real Estate Investors is the real estate investment management business of Prudential Financial, Inc. PREI’s business is the execution of real estate investment strategies, in markets throughout the world, for a global client base.

PREI® is committed to championing efforts to provide environmentally conscious real estate investments worldwide to its investor base while operating its business in a sustainable manner. To that end, we will proactively explore ways to improve the environmental performance of our portfolios in a cost-effective manner, while delivering favorable risk-adjusted returns to our investors. The values of sustainability, resource conservation, and climate change mitigation will be integrated throughout our business, supported by the following objectives, goals and strategies.

Webcor Builders
From Oracle World Headquarters to the LEED Platinum California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, we are proud to say that we've built many of California's landmark buildings during the last thirty years. We believe that three key factors contribute to the success of every project. Principals take an active role in every project - providing cost-effective solutions during the preconstruction period and leadership during the construction phase. As hands-on builders, we have the technical expertise needed to design smart, cost-effective building solutions. We utilize the skills of the talented people in our design build and concrete divisions to ask the right questions and make intelligent suggestions that can provide the key to a successful project. Our commitment to maintain honest and open communications with the client, architect, engineer, and other members of the team means that everyone is working toward the same goals, creating a productive and efficient environment.


XL Construction

It would be hard to find a group of builders more committed to sustainable practices than the people here at XL Construction. We build to improve lives, and there is nothing more fundamental to this ideal than working for a healthier planet. We love helping clients bring healthy work environments into existence.

Our Green Expertise at Work:
We’ve administered the certification process for 80% of our LEED projects.
80% of our project management staff are LEED Accredited Professionals.
Our Green Best Practices have resulted in the recycling of more than 90% of jobsite debris.

Already in a LEED Silver certified building, we’ve joined companies like Genentech and Google in accepting the California Best Buildings Challenge.  Through it, we have committed to 20% reductions in energy, water, and waste in our headquarters in just 2 years.


StopWaste.Org is the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board operating as one public agency. The Alameda County Waste Management Authority is a public joint-powers agency comprised of the County of Alameda, each of the fourteen cities within the county, and two sanitary districts that provide refuse collection services. Together with its specialized arm, the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board, the agency offers many programs in the areas of public education, green building, recycled product procurement, waste reduction, and market development.

About the Green Building in Alameda County Program
Debris from construction and demolition projects comprises over 20% of the materials disposed in Alameda County landfills. To reduce this waste, the Green Building in Alameda County Program has formed a public/private partnership with the construction and building industry. The program serves three target markets: Alameda County Waste Management Authority’s seventeen member agencies; design and building industry professionals; and residents of Alameda County.

Western States Council

The Western States Council is an organization made up of Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local Unions located in the States of California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

These local unions represent working men and women and strive to secure for them full recognition and enjoyment of the rights to which the are justly entitled as well as advocating for the fundamental freedoms which are the basis of our democratic society.

They combat resolutely, the forces, which seek to undermine the democratic institutions of our nation and enslave the human soul. They will always strive to win full respect for the dignity of the human individuals served by Council. At the collective bargaining table, in the community, in the exercise of the rights and responsibilities of citizen-ship, they responsibly serve the best interests of the American people.

Integrated Environmental Solutions

IES is a leading global innovator of integrated 3D sustainable analysis technology for the measurable creation and management of efficient, healthy and affordable built-environments. Their technology and consulting services uncover hidden cost, energy and carbon savings that support smarter energy-efficient choices across new building investments, building operation and refurbishment of existing buildings. Their vision is to transform analysis technology use, dramatically reducing the carbon emissions produced by the built environment, and optimize the use of energy and other resources. By 2050 cities will contain 70% of the world’s population, and ‘we’ need to look at how to make those cities as efficient as possible. IES has the analysis expertise to drive measurable change for sustainability and in conjunction with our partners realize tomorrow’s built environment.


GCI General Contractors

GCI is a San Francisco based commercial contracting/construction management firm that specializes in commercial interior, corporate facility and building renovations throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. GCI has been an industry leader in promoting green construction practices and guidelines to the commercial real estate sector in San Francisco. Not only is GCI a strong proponent of LEED, they also support green design and construction outside of this process. GCI is committed to building in ways that protect the environment, minimize waste and energy consumption, and provide healthy indoor air quality during construction before tenant occupancy.

Hanson Bridgett LLP

Hanson Bridgett LLP is an industry leader in green building and sustainable development, providing specialized expertise to developers, contractors, architects and other real estate professionals in the areas of LEED® project certification, integrated project delivery, green building law compliance, professional contract documentation, federal and state financial incentives and green leasing. In addition, seven Hanson Bridgett attorneys have earned certification as U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professionals, enabling the firm to better advise clients on green building codes. As a firm Hanson Bridgett is a San Francisco certified green business, a B corporation, member of the National USGBC and a sponsor of the Northern California chapter of the USGBC.  Our well known forums on sustainability bring together thought leaders in all aspects of sustainability including Green Building. We are helping our clients build for the future.


Founded in 1962, Mazzetti is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology consulting and design firm ,providing nontraditional engineering services in climate change consulting and medical equipment planning and procurement.

Mazzetti has been designing energy-efficient buildings for almost 50 years. As sustainable design has moved into the forefront of responsible building technology, so has our reputation as sustainable design experts with recognized projects along the west coast. Mazzetti has participated in over 20 LEED® projects, seven of which are certified Gold. In addition, thirty percent of our staff is LEED Accredited. Mazzetti has offices in San Francisco, Denver, Irvine, Portland, and Sacramento and recently merged with Nashville-based Nash Lipsey Burch who has additional offices in Baton Rouge and Houston. The combined firm serves the healthcare, mission critical, science and technology, and higher education sectors.


Balancing the leading software tools from Autodesk, Oracle, Google, Adobe and ESRI, with the latest methods, including Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction, Microdesk provides business and technology consulting services to help firms successfully plan, design, build and operate land and buildings.

Media Partners

SF Business Times The San Francisco Business Times is the #1 print and online source for Bay Area business news and information on the most successful people, companies and transactions in the region. Every Friday, the Business Times arrives with an in-depth lineup of breaking local news stories, business profiles and valuable industry rankings. From technology and sustainability to small business, biotech, hospitality, real estate and banking, the Business Times covers the most relevant and timely topics for the Bay Area business community.™is the leading source for news, opinion, best practices, and other resources on the greening of mainstream business. Launched in 2000, our mission is define and accelerate the business of sustainability.  We provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.

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