10th Anniversary for USGBC-NCC’s Water Conservation Showcase

On March 19, the 10th annual Water Conservation Showcase will be held at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center (PEC) in San Francisco. The idea of a water showcase was conceived by me and Juli Abbott at USGBC-NCC meetings back in 2003. While lamenting the fact that limited attention and resources were focused on water issues, we decided to hold an event dedicated to the topic. With a great deal of help from Laura Rodormer, Robin Bass, other USGBC-NCC members and the staff of the PEC, the first Water Conservation Showcase was held on May 25, 2004.

Building on the success of the first showcase the event has been held every year since. All of the Water Showcases have included presentations by regional and national water experts and an exhibit area where attendees can meet representatives of businesses and organizations involved with water products, services and resources. The first nine water showcases have featured a total of 435 exhibitors and 146 speakers. Some noteworthy past speakers include Michael Berkshire of the City of Chicago, Chris Brown of the California Urban Water Conservation Council , David Carle (Author), Shahid Chaudhry of the California Energy Commission, Mary Ann Dickinson of The Alliance for Water Efficiency, Peter Gleick of The Pacific Institute, Barry Nelson of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Rick Soehren formerly of the California Department of Water Resources, and Karen Schwinn of the Environmental Protection Agency. Through the exhibit effort and related donations, the showcases have also raised almost $200,000 for the Northern California USGBC chapter.  

This year’s Showcase will acknowledge the 10th anniversary in a couple ways. One of this year’s speakers will be Juli Abbott, the co-creator of this event. Juli is now with Gensler in Atlanta and will be presenting some of their inventive water and wastewater design strategies in one of three presentation sessions we are planning this year featuring built projects. The other session conceived to recognize our 10th Water Showcase is titled “Past, Present and Future of Water Conservation: a Water Utility Panel.” This session will quickly look back at changes in water programs and resources that occurred in the last ten years, discuss current strategies and explore visions of the future of water conservation. The panelists for this session are representatives from some of the most ambitious and creative water utilities in California.

The 2013 Water Conservation Showcase is a free event organized through the combined efforts of the PG&E Pacific Energy Center, East Bay Municipal Utility District and the U.S. Green Building Council’s Northern California Chapter. To learn more about participating exhibitors and the eight educational sessions we have planned for this year’s showcase, please visit the showcase web page.

Hope to see you on the 19th,

Ryan Stroupe


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